Spring carnivals

Carnival of Nice

In the warm sunlight of the noon of Nice, south France, the groups of Mardigras are parading through the main street. The top of the parade is noble ladies who holds yellow mimosa flowers. The next is the musical bands who are wearing big masks and are playing the theme music of this year's carnival. Following them, there is a big float on which the big figure of the winter king wearing a gold crown, is installed. Spectators throw ticker tapes with the yells. At the night, the winter king is burned at the beach. Then the citizens of Nice celebrate the visiting of spring.

Carnival of Venice

On the carnival days, as so many crowds gathers to Piazza San Marco, the canal town of Venetia is seemed to sink under the water. The group people and individuals are disguising each according to his / her own fancy and walking around the town. There is no parade for this carnival. You can buy your favorite masks at a souvenir shops of the back streets and can join to the carnival. An old man can be a goddess who are decorated by flowers. At the twilight of the end of winter, the mist come into the town from the North Alps. Under the gas lights of the streets, there are travelers who are still disguising and straying their fancy worlds.

Fastnacht. Koln, Germany

In German, carnival is called as "Fastnacht". The second day of the three days carnival is called as Rose Monday and there is a big parade through the main street. On this day, the citizens of Koln disguise and go out to see the parade. It is very enjoyable. The house ladies who are supposed to be graceful on ordinary days, make up their lips with red lipsticks to draw big mouths and provoke the men in the parade. Other citizens jump into the parade and sing songs together, or young couples kiss each other. Children blow soap bubbles. It is like a fantasy world.