10 top tips for weddings abroad

1) Opt for a wedding planner

Often seen as a luxury for a UK wedding, wedding planners are a must if you chose to wed abroad. The perfect wedding planner is worth their weight in gold. They will have knowledge of the local area, be able to speak the local language and be able to source the best extras for you. Ours are included in the package cost!

2) Beware of those hidden extras

Chose a company that has clear wedding package inclusions. Know exactly what you are getting for your money, and read through any contract carefully. It’s important to know what you are getting, but its also important to know what other things you may want and to get quotes for them too.

3) Look for free wedding packages

With a wedding abroad, it’s more than likely the case that the majority of your friends and family will be flying out with you, you may also want to stay in the same hotel. Some hotels will offer free wedding packages which include the basics. Generally there has to be a certain number of people travelling with you, or you have to book a certain room type.

4) Which destination?

There are many things to consider when picking the destination you want to marry in. Is there a country that means a lot to you? Did you get engaged while on holiday and now you want to go back there? Weddings abroad don’t have to be about wedding ceremonies on the beach. In Cyprus, you can marry legally in church, or what about on an animal sanctuary in Kenya, or even a hotel made completely of ice in Lapland?

5) Embrace the culture

Marrying in Italy? Then why not toast with Prosecco rather than Champagne. Saying ‘I do’ on a Greek Island? Then why not have a Meze for your wedding breakfast. There are many options you could consider, to bring a bit of local life to you wedding ceremony, so think about your music, food and drinks. Speak to you local wedding planner, who will help inspire you with some options.

6) Who's on the guest list?

Most people marrying abroad will have a smaller guest list then they would if they were tying the knot back home. However, if your nearest and dearest do decide to celebrate with you, you can often benefit from group packages or additional gifts..

7) Make sure it's legal!

Often the most daunting and complex thing about getting married abroad is all the different legalities around getting married in another country. A weddings abroad company can remove this stress by doing all the hard work for you. They can tell you exactly what documents you will need, what to get signed and where to send them too. It means you can focus on choosing that all important dress, or picking your centrepieces.

8) Think about affordability

One of the main reasons couples are attracted to a wedding abroad is that they can work out a lot cheaper than the average UK wedding. The average cost of a wedding abroad is £7k-£8k, and that includes all the essentials like your dress and the cake. The great thing about opting to go abroad is not only are things more affordable, but your money stretches further. It means you can still have good quality guest favours, flowers and transport!

9) Narrow down your choice

Picking a venue can be a minefield, especially if you have chosen somewhere you have never been before, but that’s where good quality advice pre-booking can work wonders. The other thing to think about is what’s important to you and your guests, for example if there will be a number of children coming you may require additional facilities.

10) Don’t forget the honeymoon!

Not only is it your wedding day but after, you get to spend time with your new husband on your honeymoon, so make the most of it by booking some memorable excursions. In Mexico you can swim with dolphins or visit Chichen Itza; one of the new seven wonders of the world. Or how about a luxury sunset dinner cruise in Cyprus with fireworks to top off your evening?